September 21st & 22nd 2018 in Dresden, Germany


Please give a big shout-out to all our speakers and trainers who spent a tremendous amount of time and spare no effort to gather and spread their knowledge all around the community, who step up on a stage and share their PHPassion with you.


Once a Web Developer, Jenny now works as a Community Engineer at Human Made. When she started, she spent her first two weeks organizing a conference. She can often be found evangelizing open source community, event organiser and occasionally, speaker.

Her days are varied: From solving issues with event sites & supporting organisers, to passionately cheering people on to contribute back to their communities. She loves cooking up elaborate ideas to help improve participation experiences in open source projects.

When away from the laptop, she’s usually binge watching Formula 1 & anime, doing house renovations or making a mess whilst cooking. You can find her on your messaging service of choice, making plenty of typos.

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Workshop: Pragmatic TDD

Passionate about being a developer, teacher and mentor for newcomers into world of programming. Works for Code4Hire, remote team of software engineers, offering outsourcing and consulting services. Organiser of @webcampzagreb conference. Enjoys playing and watching sports that Croatians find odd and unpopular.

In his free time, he reads fantasy novels and likes to cook.

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Workshop: Hack this workshop!

Chris is a freelance consultant based in York, Uk with experience working in the public sector, small and large companies throughout North Yorkshire. Chris has over 10 years experience with PHP and has a keen focus on both software architecture and none functional requirements such as security, performance and maintainability.

In his free time, Chris can often be found producing or playing with experimental libraries and organising the PHP Yorkshire conference.



Workshop: Pragmatic Event Sourcing

Arne Blankerts has created solutions far ahead of the times already years ago. He helps to create sustainable software and tailored infrastructures, and finds security issues with magic intuition.

In his free time, he reads fantasy novels and likes to cook.



Workshop: Pentesting - Do's and Dont's

Clinton has been teaching programming (and many other IT-related topics) for over 30 years at FE and HE level. He completed his Masters degree in IT at De Montfort University (Leicester) in 1998, and has been there ever since as a Senior Lecturer. Having first downloaded PHP in 2000, he was invited to start teaching it in 2004.

He is currently delivering PHP and pentesting modules to second and final year undergraduate students, and, as a member of the DMU Cyber Technology Institute, has a particular interest in the security of web applications. Recent innovations have been contributing to first year Scala and Internetworks modules. He has also been involved with industrial/commercial partnerships such as KTPs and consultancy, and has spent many happy months delivering degree modules in Malaysia, Singapore and China.

A regular attender of PHP community activities, he is a co-coordinator of PHP East Midlands, and has delivered several talks and workshops, mostly on Cyber Security related topics. You may have seen him hosting talk streams at PHPNW and PHP Yorkshire.

Any spare time is spent with his family, and his double basses.

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Workshop: Pragmatic Event Sourcing

Sebastian Heuer plans and writes software for the web since the early 2000s. He focusses on clean software architectures and high-quality, easy to understand code.

Apart from his position as Developer Advocate at, he engages in several open-source projects (like and helps teams to write solid and maintainable software.

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Workshop: Event Storming for fun and profit!

Jeroen is co-founder of Isset, software architect, consultant, coach and occasional speaker. Often brought in at large companies to enable change and innovation projects. His company specializes in video streaming/transcoding and publishing platforms. Co-organizer of DDDNL and boardgames enthousiast.

He also likes cats and penguins.

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